RouteOne and Integrated Lending Technologies Streamline eContracting for Finance Sources | RouteOne

RouteOne and Integrated Lending Technologies Streamline eContracting for Finance Sources

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

RouteOne announces that Integrated Lending Technologies (ILT) is now an eContracting certified loan origination system (LOS) with RouteOne. Finance sources utilizing either of ILT’s systems will now benefit from a streamlined eContracting implementation process.

Both DILLS™, ILT’s legacy system, and its recently released Allegro™ Lending Suite, are certified by RouteOne as loan origination systems that have fulfilled the requirements for the base eContracting functionality on the RouteOne system. Certification of an LOS helps ensure that the technical implementation, for finance source customers who choose eContracting, is a fast and easy process. RouteOne’s certification allows ILT to easily begin enabling eContracting functionality with RouteOne for its rapidly growing finance source base. Safe 1 Credit Union is one of the most recent finance sources to benefit from ILT’s certification.

RouteOne is the industry leader in eContracting, booking more than 7.5 million eContracts to date. RouteOne has over 6,200 active eContracting dealers and 35+ finance sources in its rapidly growing eContracting customer base.

“We’ve recently seen significant growth in eContracting utilization on a YOY basis,” stated Justin Oesterle, RouteOne’s Chief Executive Officer, “by ILT completing this certification, they are enabling their entire customer base to easily implement and benefit from eContracting.  This rapidly growing eConracting solution is on its way to becoming the business standard for auto finance. ”

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer RouteOne’s eContracting service to the technical solutions available to  our lender clients”, said Will McGregor, ILT’s President and CEO, “eContracting will enable our clients to take full advantage of our own digital documentation system, DigiDocs™, and to focus on their own processes while allowing Routeone to manage the dealer’s side of electronic documentation.”

Finance sources interested in eContracting should contact a RouteOne Finance Source Account Manager at 866.768.8301 or