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Enhance your eContracting With These Top Tips


eContracting Tips

With another shiny New Year on the horizon, are you thinking about giving up unhealthy practices and beginning fresh new routines?  Losing weight, quitting smoking, heading to the gym on a regular basis are top resolutions many of us try to carry out every year. And then there are the business resolutions you make to increase sales, raise productivity, and build a better work/life balance. To help achieve your goals, consider adding tools and systems to your daily processes that will enhance your workflow. 

Make an eContracting Resolution

How about resolving to become a RouteOne eContracting expert in order to reach your business goals? When you switch to eContracting from traditional paper contracting, crucial documents and data are shared between you and your finances sources in minutes, boosting your bottom line with faster funding time. Also, customer data from a RouteOne online credit application automatically populates directly into your eContract, which reduces errors and saves you time. 

Raise your sales game this New Year and resolve to start each deal as an eContract. Like every good habit and new routine, repetition and commitment are positive steps towards success. The more you continue to eContract, the more natural the process becomes. To help you begin eContracting with RouteOne with a flourish, or to reboot your current eContracting efforts, we’ve compiled a list of the top five tips that will empower your new eContracting habit.

1.    Download the RouteOne Mobile eContracting Application - Nobody sits in one place anymore. You need the ability to hand a device to your customer wherever you are: in your store or out on the lot.  With the RouteOne Mobile eContracting Application, you can present contracts digitally, capture all necessary signatures, and even print documents wirelessly, directly from your tablet. Get all the details and download the app for free HERE.

2.    Learn to Switch Out a Credit App - Occasionally, incorrect or multiple credit applications become associated with the same customer.  In a short time, you can quickly master the steps it takes to switch to the correct credit application. Log into your RouteOne system and click on the eContracting icon under the news/info tab for access to a wide variety of Quick Start Guides and videos. 

3.    Subscribe to Aftermarket Rating and eContracting - A successful eContracting process is seamless from beginning to end. That’s why you should consider subscribing to RouteOne’s Aftermarket Rating and Contracting.  This complimentary service integrates with aftermarket providers, allowing you to include product forms into the final signing ceremony.  Log into your RouteOne system and click on the Aftermarket/Menu Icon under the news/info tab for subscription info and more. 

4.    Sign Up for SecureDocOne - Compliance is a daily concern in every dealership.  You need a plan in place to securely store essential documents. How about a service that directly connects to your RouteOne eContracting platform?  SecureDocOne will help you electronically solve your paperwork shuffle, help manage your compliance requirements, as well as save you precious time. Discover more HERE.

5.    When in doubt you can still Paper Out® - Sometimes, despite all your best intentions, your eContracting resolution hits a roadblock. Perhaps you already started the eContract and the finance source needs to be changed, or maybe the lender isn’t equipped to accept digital copies of a contract yet. In either case, the situation calls for you to submit a paper contract. RouteOne’s Self-Service Paper Out® to the rescue! This complimentary service allows you to convert an eContract to traditional paper with relative ease on your own, without calling our support desk! Log into your RouteOne platform and click on the news/info page for instructions. 

We’ll Help You Reach Your eContracting Goals
We’re confident these tips will empower you to stick to your eContracting resolution all year. Need more guidance?  
•    Visit the news/info tab in your RouteOne platform for informative videos and Quick Start guides, 
•    Reach out to your Business Development Manager,  
•    Sign up for a complimentary eContracting webinar.