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October 2016 Dealer Newsletter

Within RouteOne's October Dealer Newsletter, you will be able to learn about RouteOne's new Online Credit Application System, get a better understanding of creating a disaster recovery plan, and be able to re-watch RouteOne's compliance webinar, 'Fall CFPB and FTC Update: All About Add-Ons.' From this newsletter, you will also receive a RouteOne system tip, have access to RouteOne's weekly trainings, and more!

RouteOne’s New Digital Retail Services Engages Customers Any Time, Any Place, and On Any Device

Enable your vehicle shoppers to apply for financing or to simply choose to submit a lead form quickly and easily – from the web or on any mobile device.

RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services is both visually appealing and user friendly, making the online credit application process a breeze for consumers to complete. Each time a consumer completes an application or lead form using one of our Digital Retail tools, data is centrally populated in the RouteOne Deal Manager and you will receive an email notification to continue the sale. Click here to learn more about RouteOne's new Digital Retail Services.

Our new Digital Retail Services brings dealers additional enhanced functionality, such as:

  • A clean modern look and responsive design
  • Valuable web analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Embedded customer video tutorial
  • Built in compliance tools

For additional information, please contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager, or RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301.

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

There may not be much your dealership can do to avoid disasters altogether, but there are steps that can be taken to minimize damage should an event occur.

Disaster recovery planning involves putting together a plan for responding to a disaster so that you can get your dealership back up and running as quickly as possible, while minimizing disruption. RouteOne has a simple five-step process to help you develop your personalized disaster recovery plan for your dealership’s systems. Click here to access the simple five-step process.

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Catch RouteOne’s Most Recent Compliance Webinar on YouTube

You can now watch RouteOne's compliance webinar, "Fall 2016 CFPB and FTC Update: All About Add-Ons" on YouTube, here. The webinar provides tips and tools to help better manage compliance activities within the dealership. Other resources shared during the webinar include:

If you have any questions on how RouteOne can help your compliance strategy, please contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager for more information.

System Tip Of The Month

Streamline your compliance strategy with this simple tip!

With RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services, you can share your dealership’s Privacy Policy into the online credit application so that your consumer can automatically see and acknowledge it while they complete the credit application. This helps your dealership manage its compliance process before the consumer even steps foot into the dealership!

To customize your Privacy Policy, a Dealer System Administrator must upload the form (PDF format) in the ‘Premium Services’ page within the Online Credit Application configuration section. If the Privacy Policy has not yet been uploaded, the Dealer System Administrator will see red warning messages in the Premium Services/Digital Retail section, and a default RouteOne policy will be shared with the applicant instead. 

For more information on how to customize your Privacy Policy for your Online Credit Application, please download the configuration training guide, found in the 'News/Info' tab of the RouteOne system.

Upcoming Events

Come see RouteOne’s Chief Strategy Officer, Todd Mason, at the SubPrime Forum this November.

Mason will be speaking at the SubPrime Forum event on “The Role of Technology In The Consumer Experience” on November 15th at 1 PM PST in the Pavilion Ballroom.

Follow #RouteOneEvents for interesting event updates.

New Finance Sources

Union Bank and Trust and 75+ other finance sources now support RouteOne's Payoff Quote Feature!