November 2016 Dealer Newsletter | RouteOne LLC

November 2016 Dealer Newsletter

Within RouteOne's November Dealer Newsletter, your dealership will be able to register for RouteOne's upcoming compliance webinar '2016 Compliance Recap: A Year in Review' and hear about RouteOne's new Remote Document Delivery feature for Toyota and Lexus eContracting dealers. From this newsletter, you will also receive a RouteOne system tip, gain highlights from our most recent system enhancement, and more!

Compliance Webinar: ‘2016 Compliance Recap: A Year in Review’

Ensure your dealership’s future by building an understanding of the current legal landscape of compliance and learning about the importance of a secure and compliant dealership.

On Wednesday, December 7th at 1 PM (EST) RouteOne will be hosting a compliance webinar, 2016 Compliance Recap: A Year in Review, focused on reviewing what happened in auto dealer compliance in 2016, including a recap of our webinars: 2016 FTC Update2016 Security Update, and All About Add-Ons.

During the webinar, attendees will be able to learn about:

  • The cost that comes with non-compliance;
  • The FTC and its recent enforcement actions;
  • Required elements of a dealership information security program; and
  • The CFPB’s scrutiny of add-on products.

At the end of the webinar, attendees will receive RouteOne-exclusive guides: ‘Best Practices and Tips When Selling Add-On Products,’ and ‘RouteOne’s Information Security Tips’ just for attending. To watch a recording of the compliance webinar that was held on December 7th, click here.

Attention Toyota and Lexus eContracting Dealers

Toyota and Lexus dealers now have the ability to electronically send the final contract documents to customers through Remote Document Delivery.

RouteOne’s Remote Document Delivery provides an opportunity for you to reduce the amount of paper used in the eContracting process by allowing you to send the documents electronically to the buyer and co-buyer providing a virtually paperless experience to the customer.  Simply select the Remote Document Delivery option in the Contract Package and enter the customer’s email address and phone number to begin this process.

Please login to the RouteOne system to download the FAQs and Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions to start using this feature today!

An Enhanced Security Authentication Process

We’re continuously working to improve your experience with us!

Security is a top priority at RouteOne. We want to keep your devices and data secure, but we don’t want it to slow down your workflow. While registering your new devices with RouteOne’s Multi-Factor Authentication, you can now get your token codes via SMS Text Message. Your cell phone number must be first updated in your RouteOne account (don’t worry, cell phone will not be used for soliciting or other purposes). For instructions on how to use this new functionality, download the Quick Start Guide (found within the 'News/Info' tab of the RouteOne system) for more information.

Other 16.11 system enhancements include:

  • Enhanced the eContracting Spot Buy process
  • MSRP is now available on Desking Print-outs
  • Deal Refresh will be only be available for non-expired deals (depending on the supporting finance source)
  • A more efficient password reset process
  • Ability to manually modify the monthly payment for all retail deals, to match their DMS (now including deals with 0% APR)
  • Ability to map additional fields for add-on products, including: Terms, Mileage, and Deductible

For more information on recent system enhancements, please refer to the Release Notes found in the 'News/Info' tab within the RouteOne system, or contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager for more information.

System Tip of the Month

Now you can view your Buy Rates in one easy location!

RouteOne has added the Buy Rates for deals within the Decision Snapshot in the Deal Manager. Within the ‘Deal manager’ page, click the camera icon (Decision Snapshot). The Decision Snapshot view will expand, where you can access the new ‘Buy Rates’ column.

If You Already Haven’t Heard…

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Outages on October 21st

As you may have learned from the news or even firsthand, much of the Internet was impacted on Friday, October 21st by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The attack affected access to numerous websites ranging from Netflix to PayPal to CNN to RouteOne and countless others.

The attack was not directed at RouteOne or any individual website, nor were our systems ever jeopardized. While it was beyond our control, we realize it may have interrupted our service to you, which we take seriously. As a result, we want to reassure you of our dedication to system availability and data security. Moving forward, we are looking into the additional steps to help mitigate against future Internet-wide and other such attacks.

For more information regarding the ISP outage, please refer to Money article, “Widespread cyberattack takes down sites worldwide”, here.

In The News

Dealers and Digital Disruptors: Who Do You Trust?
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