March 2017 Dealer Newsletter | RouteOne

March 2017 Dealer Newsletter

This March, RouteOne has plenty to share with you in the monthly Dealer Newsletter! Within this month's newsletter, you will learn about RouteOne's electronic document storage tool, SecureDocOne, that allows you to save compliance and contracting documents directly within RouteOne. Plus, the newsletter will tell you about the upcoming compliance webinar "2017 Dealer Security," show you how to receive your annual savings with a personalized analysis of your dealership, and the newsletter will also share a helpful tip to switch a credit application.

Store Compliance & Contracting Documents within RouteOne!

Did you know that you can automatically retain compliance and eContracting documents directly within the RouteOne system? 

RouteOne’s electronic document storage tool, SecureDocOne, will automatically and securely store compliance and contracting related documents. This tool provides a complete history of each document stored along with an audit trail that displays any edits made along the way!

Plus, any outside generated documents, such as aftermarket and government documents can also be uploaded as PDFs, keeping all your compliance and contract documentation in one location!

Take your dealership’s security to the next level with an Information Security Program

Join us for a complimentary compliance webinar on ‘Dealer Security’ this April!

On Wednesday, April 26th at 1 PM ET, RouteOne's complimentary webinar, “2017 Security Update: Establishing a Dealership Information Security Program” taught dealers about the current cybersecurity environment and how to better protect your dealership from costly data breaches.

Your Annual Savings with eContracting...

Calculate your dealership’s annual savings with a personalized analysis of your dealership! RouteOne can provide a custom report based on your dealership’s volume from last year, which calculates how much time and money your dealership can save by using eContracting.

To receive your personalized report click here!
Locate your RouteOne Business Development Manager on the map, then ask them for your complimentary report.

We are looking forward to eContracting as many finance and lease deals as we possibly can. We are saving a bunch of money in FedEx and no more contracts hung up in funding.” – Andy, Finance Manager from South Dakota

System Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can complete a credit application switch on your own? You no longer need to call RouteOne support to switch a credit application, it can now be done on your own within the RouteOne system!

Credit application switches can be made if the eContract has not been distributed to the finance source, and has not been through finance source validation (some finance sources support the option to switch a credit application event after validation. The 'Switch Credit App' button will be available for those supporting finance sources after validation has been complete). To learn how to complete a credit application switching, navigate to the News/Info tab for intructions. 

A Change Is Coming to Your RouteOne System!

Over the next couple months, your Credit Reports page will be replaced by a new Credit & Compliance page. This new page will allow you to easily manage all customer data from one location! Some dealers already have access to the new Credit & Compliance page, but don’t worry, if your dealership does not already have access, the page will become active within the new few months.

Already Have Access to the Credit & Compliance Page? Here's a Tip!
If you want to print or eSign a Privacy Policy for your customers, you must first have a Privacy Policy uploaded within RouteOne. Enabling eSigning will add a final acknowledgment of receipt page to the end of your Privacy Policy that your customer can eSign. Once eSigned, a green pen icon will show on the Credit & Compliance page.