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Take Control of Your Dealership's Compliance

Managing your dealership’s compliance tasks can be a challenge; so can finding the right mix of tools to meet your compliance strategy. At RouteOne, we offer a wide range of compliance tools to choose from that will help you test, monitor, manage, and report on key compliance requirements. We offer a suite of complimentary products and services, which are available today in the RouteOne system. For dealerships seeking additional compliance support, RouteOne offers several premium, subscription based products designed to further strengthen your compliance strategy. 


  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Permissions
  • Activity Alerts
  • Adverse Action Notices
  • IP Blocking
  • Active Dealer User Report
  • Credit Score Disclosure Notices
  • Dealer Rate Exception Form
  • Privacy Policy Form Builder

Customer reviews

"RouteOne understands how important reliability is in the automotive world."

Jeff Reiter, Finance Director at City Cadillac

"RouteOne has helped us maintain our compliance within our dealership… with various portals, they provide us the technology to be compliant. It’s an easy fit! With all the government regulations, RouteOne gives us many portals to measure key performance indicators, and to help us ensure we’re doing the things we need to do."

Stan Norton, City of Auto Sales

Compliance Products

We know that monitoring and making decisions around Adverse Action is a big process. Our platform offers many compliance features to help you within your everyday RouteOne workflow, including the ability to automatically create an Adverse Action Notice to be distributed, that is pre-populated with customer information as a .pdf. Our Adverse Action Mailing Service takes that one step further. Check one more item off your to-do list and let us mail Adverse Action Notices to applicable customers on a weekly basis, on your behalf. All you need to do is choose from a variety of packages to best fit your dealership’s compliance strategy and RouteOne will automatically generate the Adverse Action Notice, stuff it in an envelope, apply postage, and mail it to the customer. No need to worry about applicants getting multiple Adverse Action Notices. Our service syncs across multiple applications and will only mail one notice per primary applicant.

You can keep track of RouteOne’s mailing activity within an individual record and you will receive a detailed monthly transaction report of all notices mailed. You also have the flexibility to individually exclude applicants from receiving notices by overriding within the RouteOne Compliance Dashboard. Let RouteOne help ease some of your challenges of managing compliance. Just select the package that best meets your dealerships compliance strategy and we’ll do the rest!

Protecting your dealership from conducting business with criminals is no easy task. As part of the many compliance tools available within the RouteOne platform, we offer a full service identity verification tool that helps manage compliance tasks and fits seamlessly into your everyday workflow. IDOne makes it easy to validate your customers’ identities and pinpoint potential fraud without missing a beat. We’ve taken the manual work out of identifying potential issues because we automatically generate additional quizzes in real-time when needed. This means that you don’t have to decide when further action might be needed – we’ll handle that for you.

Customizable settings give you the flexibility to set tolerances for alerts so you can decide the appropriate risk strategy for your dealership. All results can easily be found in RouteOne’s Deal Manager along with the ability to manually review and override any red flag cautions. IDOne compliments other RouteOne compliance features like SecureDocOne, that provides electronic storage and retrieval of any document, including IDOne results, at any time, for years to come.


RouteOne will help guide you through compliance challenges. We know that a dealer’s world is full of documentation: compliance paperwork, privacy policies, Nonpublic Personal Information (NPPI), aftermarket data, credit reports - the list is endless. Compliance continues to be prevalent concern in the automotive finance industry and the retention of customer and application data is more important than ever.