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Strengthening your Dealership’s Security in 2017


With the demanding auto finance regulations in place today, it can be difficult to manage your compliance activities to effectively and lawfully navigate through today’s legal requirements.

The problem is that dealerships face a variety of security challenges every day, and are at risk of being attacked by hackers. Hackers are becoming clever and are using new ways to access private data such as: social engineering, attacking removable storage devices, email phishing, capturing user credential information, controlling mobile devices, and more! The responsibility of keeping customer’s data secure, sits heavily on dealerships’ shoulders.  

To keep their customer’s data secure, dealers should be proactive and stay well-equipped to handle a potential attack before it happens!

The best way to protect your dealership from an attack, is to be proactive about it! In today’s fast pace work environment, dealers find it challenging to stay up to date understanding the current auto finance regulations. To help these dealerships, RouteOne offers an educational compliance webinar each quarter to help dealers better understand the importance of a secure and compliant dealership. These webinars are complimentary to everyone.

The compliance webinar was held on Wednesday, April 26 at 1 PM ET, titled “2017 Dealer Security: Establishing an Information Security Program.” This session is full of valuable material to help you stay on top of your compliance and security strategy. To watch the compliance webinar, click here.

In addition to RouteOne’s upcoming compliance webinar, RouteOne also provides complimentary compliance tools that help dealers manage, and track compliance activities, such as: IP Blocking, Permissions, Active Dealer User Reports, and more. To learn more about RouteOne’s complimentary compliance tools or RouteOne’s upcoming compliance webinar, please contact your RouteOne Business Development Manager or RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301 for assistance.