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Integrate Your DSP into RouteOne

RouteOne offers integration to 130+ Dealer Service Providers (DSPs). How do these integrations benefit your dealer? Think about the time you spend in your dealer management system (DMS). Chances are you are collecting your customers’ first and last name, SSN, phone, address, rent or mortgage data, employment, additional income sources, vehicle data, and other information. Now consider the time spent entering this data in your DMS and then into your credit application. If it takes approximately five minutes to re-enter credit application data, then a dealer who processes 50 unique credit applications a month would spend approximately 4.16 hours entering data! This is valuable time that could be used to sell additional products or deepen relationships with your customers.

Here are a few basic integration terms:

  • Import – the deal sent from your DSP to the RouteOne credit application system.
  • Export – the information from your RouteOne credit application sent to your DSP.
  • Two-way reporting – if your DSP has activated its reporting features, it may send RouteOne a nightly data batch that feeds our FREE F&I reporting log, which provides you a breakdown of data on new and used:
    • Sales gross
    • Reserve
    • Life, Disability, and CI total
    • Gap, Service, and any other products listed

"The integration between RouteOne and our DMS helps save time and streamlines the process saving precious time for our clients and staff. The ability to have one 'go to' site to cover F&I department compliance requirements, submit customers' credit applications to all of our finance sources, pull credit reports, execute cashable contracts electronically, and manage contract funding fast and efficiently is essential to the success of our dealership's profitability and growth."

- Clint Smith, Finance Director at Classic Toyota

To learn more about integrating your DSPs into the RouteOne system, please contact RouteOne Support at 866.768.8301 or for additional information.